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Electric Knife Sharpener

Cut to the point with an electric knife sharpener. Diamonds sharpen the blade, applying just the right amount of pressure to bring the edge back to the razor-sharpness needed for precision slicing. Choose a model with the added pierce of microscopic teeth formed from super-hard steel. Knives are automatically guided through the knife sharpener as the electric device offers optimal stability and alignment. A magnetic guide can achieve just the right angle for ideal results. 

Take on any tool with an electric knife sharpener. Whether getting ready to slice into a loaf of bread, thinly chop veggies or carve steak, take any cutlery—straight edge or serrated—for a run through the electric sharpener. The end result is a knife that slices beautifully. Whether crafted from carbon, stainless or alloy steel—for the kitchen or for sports—it will come out chiseled to perfection. Protect quality knives with a machine that is heavy-duty but won't distemper. No matter the brand, no matter the type, a sharpener that is electric can be for any knife.

When it comes to knife maintenance, the powerful AC motor of an electric knife sharpener can mean keeping edges like new. Restore fresh out of the factory sharpness that remains stronger longer. Trust in the technology of a sharpener (for a knife) that is electric, to polish up blades in seconds. Whether perfecting a knife with an electric sharpener or a handheld sharpener, turn to compact kitchen electrics and gadgets from Macy’s.