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Heart Jewelry

Let your desire surface with heart jewelry. Like love, diamonds are forever, which is why many give the gift of diamond-accented jewelry to symbolize their infinite love to someone. Hearts are symbolic of love, and jewelry characterizes sophistication and glamour depicting heart shaped jewelry as a stunning expression of one’s love for another, from friendship to the love between a mother and child, in the form of a gift.

When shopping for a gift, consider what kind of jewelry the recipient favors. Is the preference given to necklaces or bracelets? Gold or silver jewelry? Does this person wear a lot of bright colors in her jewelry? Big stones? Extra Sparkle?

When in doubt of favorite jewelry trends, consider the personality. A more reserved personality will probably prefer a simple, elegant look of B. Brilliant’s sterling silver whereas the star of the show may prefer something a little more glamorous like the intense, exotic ice of ruby-filled and diamond-filled hearts from the Effy Collection. Someone with a bold, unique personality may prefer a vintage look like New York designer Betsey Johnson’s hearts with wings or animal prints.

When giving the gift of jewelry, especially emotive jewelry like heart jewelry, a message is conveyed. The purpose of the gift should help define the type of jewelry to give. Rings are usually reserved for romantic, lifetime relationships like marriage with diamonds conveying a long-term commitment. More neutral than a ring but more endearing than earrings, a necklace makes a great gift for courting. The necklace is worn on an intimate part of the body close to the heart and can be clutched during those thoughtful moments. Bracelets epitomize friendship, and charm bracelets are a perfect gift to symbolize a plethora of different moments, emotions, and interests.

Some brands provide an overall feel in the design to where one can give any piece of jewelry and convey an accurate message. For a light-hearted, fun spirit such as a gift involving children, Sweet Hearts, the official candy of love, can be worn as jewelry. Sweet Hearts displaying sentiments such as Be Mine are available as pendants, necklaces, rings, dual rings (three hearts), charm bracelets, and earrings. 

The Irish Claddagh symbol of two hands embracing a heart capped with a crown symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty. While years ago, the Claddagh ring was mainly the Irish wedding ring, in modern society, Claddagh jewelry is given for all types of relationships from friendship to marriage and is available in earrings and pendants.

Express your love for someone for any occasion with heart jewelry. Visit Macy’s to find a wide array of different styles and jewelry options to illustrate your feelings with the art of fine metals and gemstones.