Gemstones Jewelry

    Cast in every hue in the rainbow and beyond, glittering gemstone jewelry instantly elevates your wardrobe, no matter what you wear them with. Adorn yourself with stunning gemstones set in every type of metal, from classic sterling silver and gold or modern rose gold and platinum. Whether you’re treating yourself to luxurious fine jewelry or adding a sparkling pop to your look with fashion jewelry, you can find the exact ornamental accent you desire with Macy’s extensive jewelry collection.


    The birthstone of February, amethyst radiates in gorgeous shades of purple ranging from light lilac to deep violet. A high-quality type of quartz, semi-precious amethyst represents creativity, peace and wisdom, adding a mystical touch to any look.


    Although sapphires are typically thought of as always being a rich blue, even inspiring the term “royal blue,” they can also come in a range of different hues, from purple and green to yellow and orange—they can even be multicolored. September’s birthstone, precious sapphires represent wisdom and faithfulness, which is why they’re often chosen for an engagement ring.


    Like sapphires, rubies are also from the mineral corundum but are differentiated by their vibrant red hue. Rarer than garnets, another red gemstone, radiant ruby is the birthstone of July, and is a symbol of passion and protection.


    Often pictured in opaque shades of green, jade can come in a variety of hues, including soft lavender and bold black. Highly prized throughout history and considered an “imperial gem” in China, jade has been utilized for centuries in both jewelry and household decorative items in many Asian countries.


    Considered one of the oldest known gemstones, emeralds have been beloved for millennia. With a dazzling green color, the emerald makes for quite the appropriate birthstone for May, as it represents growth and renewal.


    The birthstone of June, pearls are unique in that they are the only birthstone to be created by a living creature. Representing peace and purity, lustrous pearls instantly add classic elegance to any outfit.

    Whether you’re searching for rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets, you can find the elegant gemstone jewelry of your dreams at Macy’s!

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