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French Oven

A staple in the well stocked kitchen, a French oven is a versatile and flexible pan. Available in a wide range of different sizes to suit almost any need, these pans are ones that will be reached for again and again. They are ideal for a number of different dishes due to their roomy interiors and even cooking bottoms.

When it comes to a French oven, the chef will have a number of different choices to make when deciding which one should be stocked in their kitchen. There are a variety of different sizes that make it easy to find the right one, no matter how large or small the family might be that the chef will be cooking for. Choose from a one quart pan from Le Crueset to a 13.25 quart pan from Le Crueset, as well as many sizes in between.

Cast iron is a popular material that a French oven is often made from. This material is a favorite of many chefs as it is well known for its ability to even heat up and cook foods evenly. With the addition of enamel over the inside of the cast iron pot, chefs get the benefits of cast iron without needing to worry about maintaining it.

These pots come with a matching lid. This helps to ensure that foods cook evenly and that no heat is wasted unnecessarily. In addition, this pot has two matching handles on either side of it. This allows it to be easily picked up and carried to the dining table for easy serving straight from the pot.

For the chef that desires a color coordinated kitchen, find plenty of bright and colorful choices when it comes to these pots. Choose from blues, green, white, red, and orange that will fit right in with the decor of any kitchen.

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