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Wireless Headphones

Pause the music…we need to talk. We’re talking wireless headphones! Why wireless you ask? Because they’re the solution to all your wired problems, of course. Wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology for the short-range wireless interconnection of many different electronic devices—a fancy definition for more freedom to listen, walk, talk and more. Stop by Macy’s today to shop a variety of awesome wireless headphones and earbuds from brands like Beats by Dr. Dre, Tzumi and JBL.

What Are the Benefits of Wireless Headphones?

1. Cord-Free. Cut those cables…the obvious benefit of Bluetooth headphones is that they’re wireless. Ideal for hands-free, the ultimate mobility. How many times have the wires from your headphones caught on something, abruptly ripping the earbuds from your ears? Probably too many times to count—or how about when you pull them out of your pocket only to find that dreadful nest of wires? Wireless headphones ensure you never waste a minute untangling pesty cable knots. They’re great for people who run or workout to music.
Music Note: Often times, ditching the wires means less battery is used. Bluetooth uses low power signals, and the technology requires very little energy.

2. Audio Quality. Can you feel the beat? Going wireless doesn’t mean sound quality should be lost. Many wireless headphones or earbuds come with bass-boosting technology and noise-canceling features so that you can feel the beat (and block outside noises) as you listen to music.
Music Note: Make sure you keep your smart device within a reasonable distance of the wireless headphones to avoid any frequency interference.

3. Connect and Go. Walk it…like you talk it. Whether you’re on your morning walk, at the gym or doing chores around the house, holding the phone interrupts your movement, making these daily tasks more difficult. Bluetooth devices give you more hands-free freedom. Listening to a song or podcast but have an incoming call? No problem. Some headphones allow you to answer the phone with just the touch of a button—simply push it again to return to your tunes.
Music Note: Wireless headphones with Bluetooth are ideal for driving because you do not need to hold your phone while talking. Holding a phone while talking and driving is illegal in many places.

4. Affordable and Stylish. Now we’re talking! Style comes easy to wireless headphones. Many have sporty designs with fun colors because they are made to stay firmly in place for high impact activities like working out, running or traveling. Even the casual listener that prefers the over-the-ear look can enjoy the sleek style of wireless headphones. Don’t get caught up in price, wireless doesn’t mean more money—many are very affordable too.
Music Note: As with any set of headphones, do your homework and find a high-quality product. This also doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. You can find a high-quality product for under $100.

5. Not Just for Your Phone. We get it, you like technology…who doesn’t? Wireless headphones work with more than just your phone. Now, manufacturers are making everything from phones to computers and TVs Bluetooth compatible. This enables you the option of listening to music while working on your laptop or watching TV and not bothering anyone else around you.
Music Note: Do your research and read reviews. Make sure the other devices you own, such as TVs and computers are compatible to your wireless headphones.

Never miss a beat…shop Macy’s for buzz-worthy wireless headphones!