• Colorful Bedding

    If you feel like your bedroom is looking a little dull, mix up your style and create a brand new look by adding some colorful bedding.

    Create a Whole New Style
    If you're ready for a completely new look in the bedroom, then the bed is a great place to start. A brand new bedding set from a designer like Martha Stewart Collection is a simple way to create a room that looks entirely different.

    Small Changes for Big Results
    Do you have a favorite bedspread but you still want to change up the look of your room? Consider going with new sheets that are a different color. You can have many different colors of sheets to match your every mood!

    Don't Forget Those Little Touches
    To really pull your bedroom together, don't forget the small accents that perfectly complete a room. Toss a few decorative pillows on your bed that are the same bright colors as your bedding. Or, drape a colorful blanket over the foot of your bed for a charming look.

    When you're ready for a new look in your bedroom, make sure you shop the entire collection of colorful bedding at Macy's for your newest style.