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Accessorize with ease when you adorn your neck with stylish silver necklaces. From single chains and charm necklaces to pendants and layered necklaces, you’ll find a remarkable range of choices when it comes to ramping up your rotation of fine jewelry or fashion jewelry.

Get back to basics with a simple chain necklace. Whether you want beaded chains, dot dash chains or round link chains, the look of silver complements a variety of styles. The simplicity of chains also adheres to the “less is more” approach to fashion, which leaves you with plenty of options when it comes to playing up your wardrobe.

Layer it up! With the bold, innovative design of layered necklaces in silver, you can accessorize with just about any outfit. Another great feature of the layered look is the illusion necklace. With beads strung on delicate, practically invisible silver strands, it almost looks as though they’re suspended in mid-air!

Want necklaces that make a statement? Look for standout statement necklaces with added flourishes like beads, geometric shapes or even nature and animal motifs. Great for your professional or casual wardrobe, you’ll love the versatility of this unique style—not to mention how effortlessly it personalizes your entire aesthetic.

Pendant necklaces exude natural elegance and refinement. From crystal and diamond accents to religious and floral motifs, the focal point options for your necklace are seemingly endless. You can also complement your pendant with other charms or switch out the pendant for a different one whenever you feel like it!

When you want the amazing, timeless look of silver necklaces, Macy’s is your go-to source. And don’t forget to browse through our other fine jewelry and fashion jewelry as well!