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Diamond Studs

With a simple hair toss, reveal the soft sparkle of diamond studs—reflecting the light while framing the face. Draw attention, while stealing nothing from your natural beauty, with simple stud earrings. Round-cut stones remain classically elegant, always. Take on square, princess-cut rocks for added edge. All that glitters is gold, unless white gold settings are replaced by platinum or sterling silver. Contrast white diamonds instead with yellow gold studs. Infuse color in more than just the metal, by turning to colored diamonds.

Foray into colorful diamond studs. Captivating black, rich chocolate, or royal blue diamonds can stand alone as studs, or be encircled by white diamonds. Stud earrings don’t have to stay simple. After braving color in big gems, break into the smaller side of pave diamond settings. Boldly explore the intricacies of shape. Bring on the sweetness of a heart, or eternity of knots. Accessorize for the season—in snowflake or flower earrings. Opt for the abstract, with swirls of diamonds amidst metallic settings. Allow designs to stay in the monochromatic of white on white, or venture into diamond studs accompanied by other jewels.

Pearls can continue in white, but black pearls reflect a contrasting iridescence. Incorporate color with the loveliness of sapphires, accompanying diamonds. Perfectly balance gemstones in diamond jewelry, so neither stone overshadows. With such beauty and diversity, studs taking diamond form truly are a girl’s best friend. Explore the collection of fine jewelry at Macy’s to find diamond earrings draping down in chandelier, hoop and drop form—but forgo nothing by sticking with the subtlety of diamond studs.