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Diamonds And Pearls

Sparkle and shimmer with diamonds and pearls. Conservative and glamorous, diamond and pearl jewelry complements almost any occasion from daily wear to formal wear.

A symbol of purity and modesty, the pearl captivates the attention of many, and pearl jewelry is often associated to elegance and conservatism in fashion. Due to the high demand and low supply, today’s pearls are generally cultured pearls; irritants like sand are inserted into oysters and the oysters are then cared for during the years it takes to formulate a pearl. Freshwater pearls are pearls created from fresh water mussels which can produce more than one pearl of various shapes and sizes at once.

A pearl is generally a shimmery swirl of colors, but many have a primary undertone such as a hint of pink or yellow. Certain oysters create black pearls that are more silvery and gray, and sometime the effect is created by dying white pearls. The luster or nacre of a pearl is the luminosity or glow. Look at a pearl’s surface. The more the reflection is like a mirror with clarity in the reflection, the finer the luster.

The pearl necklace is a classic look and a timeless fashion staple. Strings of pearls range from small pearls to large pearls, and many are layered with two or more strands for a modern appeal. Some necklaces knot the string in between each pearl to reduce losing pearls in the case of breakage and to reduce the rubbing of pearls with wear.

Pearls are often complemented with diamonds on a jewelry piece for additional elegance and value. Diamond jewelry is often associated to timeless elegance with a glamorous sense of fashion. Artistic design delivers unique expressions of diamonds and pearls with precious metals such as a pearl bracelet with a diamond clasp.

Diamonds come in varying degrees of color from colorless to deep hues with the most value placed on the far end of each extreme. The carat of a diamond is the weight, and the cut defines the brilliance. Symmetrical, well-proportioned cuts provide the most shine. Clarity is the condition of the diamond regarding imperfections and blemishes.

Sophistication and glamour come together in heirloom quality jewelry. Find accessories with diamonds and pearls at Macy’s.

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