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Fabric Sofas

Fabric sofas from companies such as Nina, Ricardo, Martha Stewart, and many more, combine the durable good looks of materials such as polyester, with the timelessness of quality workmanship, to ensure a long-lasting set of furniture. Add a matching chair and love seat, and the look of the living room is complete. With the range of colors that are available in this type of seating, it is simple to add decorative touches to bring out certain colors.

Pillows and throws that are the same color scheme as some threads in fabric sofas can serve to highlight those particular colors. Alternatively, create a contrast by using pillows from several different colors to make the threads in the couch really stand out. The subtle use of a colorful throw can even take into account the colors of the wall decorations to create a pulled-together look in a room.

Lamps are an important accessory to any living area. When paired with fabric sofas, they can cast a warm glow that makes an area a cozy oasis, or they can create a brightly lit nook in which to read or engage in a hobby. Choose from lamps that are standalone or that rest on an end table.

The rugs that are used when decorating a living room can do so much more than provide a soft and warm place to walk. They can also provide a splash of bright color or a more subtle touch with muted colors. In either case, these rugs help protect the flooring of the home from any damage that might be present from the legs of the furniture.

For the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, choose a sofa that reclines. With the touch of a button, it is easy to be enveloped in softness. Love seats can also be chosen to take advantage of the reclining position.

Fabric sofas in a huge variety of designs can be found when you shop the selection at Macy's.