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Knife Storage

Keep everything in its place with a knife storage. From smaller, compact magnetic racks to larger wooden storage boxes, be sure that knives are kept put up and in a safe place. These storage places offer cooks the chance to have a convenient place to put their knives, while still keeping them perfectly accessible.

Reach knives quickly by keeping them in an in-drawer tray from J.A. Henckels. This special in-drawer tray slides easily into any kitchen drawer and provides chefs with a slot for each unique knife. From larger carving knives to smaller paring knives there is a place for each one. In the in-drawer tray is also very attractive and looks good in any kitchen decor. Choose from ones made of solid oak to other sturdy materials.

Simple is often the way to go with storing things. Such is the case with a magnetic storage rack. This storage rack is stored away easily while giving chefs the chance to keep their knives in a convenient location where they are easy for them to grab. The base holds the knives securely in place and is able to hold a full collection of knives.

Put away knives in style with a knife box. This knife box makes for the perfect place to store steak knives as well as other types of knives. The knife box slides away easily onto any counter space or fits conveniently into a cabinet or on a pantry shelf. Pick a wooden storage box with other storage options such as a place for kitchen shears to keep everything together.

For a clean look, choose a stainless steel knife storage. Crafted out of stainless steel, pick a storage box that gives kitchens a unique, contemporary look like keep knives completely safe and out of reach. The stainless steel matches any kitchen decor and its unique design makes it to where it can be put away on any counter. Choose from smaller designs to make the most of the space of a smaller kitchen.

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