Perfume Oils

    Indulge in an irresistible scent, with perfume oils. After a warm bath or shower, apply perfumed body oil to damp skin—locking in moisture. Transform dull and dry into moisturized and scented, by smoothing on one simple skin care product.

    Glide on the silky texture of Angel perfume in indulgent oil. Spritz on Origins body oil, with hints of ginger, to soften skin. Get the sheen of sun-kissed skin, and the fragrance of the beach, with a sweep of nourishing body oil from Bobbi Brown. Try the femininity of floral, woody notes with Burberry body oil. From Carol’s Daughter, experience restorative oil in the essence of mouthwatering almond cookies. Whether in a fragrance of the heavens or something more down to earth—from the seashore to the flowers and spices of the forest, or inside a bustling kitchen—rely on perfume oils to wrap dry skin in hydration.

    Some perfumed body oils may capture the essence of various plants, but rely on essential oils to be derived directly from them. Get just as much fragrance, but even more benefits, by switching out perfume oils for essential oils. Rather than a perfumed mix, stick with the purity of essential oils. Absorb products from The Art of Shaving into skin before, after or during a shave. Use oil formulas to cleanse, scrub or moisturize, too. Apply just a touch to skin—infusing the scent of sandalwood, peppermint, lemon, lavender, orange, bergamot, rosemary or chamomile as it absorbs.

    Even bring perfume oils to the home. To use a reed diffuser, and send fresh scent sailing through the room, fill the glass decanter with fragrance oils. Explore scented oils in the sweetness of a floral aroma, energizing citrus, rich woody notes, exotic spices, or taking inspiration from the crispness of the sea. Whether wafting throughout the house or as bath oil soaking in the tub, experience oils perfumed with exquisite fragrance, at Macy’s.

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    Perfume Oils


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