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Cream Foundation

A vast selection of foundation means everyone can find the perfect formula and shade. Cream foundation and other types are available in different shades, and each comes with a different type of applicator. Some types are easier to apply, others give super coverage and many selections offer additional benefits, such as anti-wrinkle or SPF protection. So how is it possible to find the perfect makeup?

Determine your skin type. Most people have combination skin, meaning parts of the face are dry or normal and other parts are oily. If skin is predominately oily or certain areas of the face need some oil control, look for an oil-free foundation. For dry, normal and combination skin, use a moisturizer before applying the cream foundation to balance out the moisture in the skin. Moisturizers are recommended for everybody because applying the right type of hydration can help reduce how much oil the skin produces, aiding oily skin in staying drier.

Select the right shade. Some women are considerably darker in the summer than in winter and actually need to go a shade darker. Match the foundation to the skin on the jaw line. Since this area is midway between the forehead (which gets the most sun exposure) and the neck (which gets the least sun). Another alternative is to choose an SPF foundation of 15 or higher. This helps prevent skin damage from the sun and also helps keep your face a more even shade year round.

Since liquid and cream foundation—like that by Urban Decay—has a more moist formula than some other types, many women choose to use loose powder to set the foundation. This also offers greater coverage than foundation alone. Powder should be the same color as the foundation or just one shade lighter. It shouldn't be too light or the look will be powdery rather than smooth. Also, choose a concealer that is the same shade or one shade lighter than the foundation. Concealer helps hide emergency trouble spots like blemishes to make your finished makeup look perfect.

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