• Bed Rest Pillow

    Whether you want a restful night of sleep or a peaceful afternoon of relaxation, a bed rest pillow provides the best in comfort and support.

    The Perfect Size
    Most bed rest pillows come in a standard or queen size. Got a king-size bed? Check out collections such as Ralph Lauren that offer king-size pillows perfect for larger beds.

    Your Favorite Fill
    Down pillows have a feather core that offers both support and softness for a restful sleep. Or choose down alternative pillows from brands like Calvin Klein. These have a synthetic filling that creates the right amount of softness and support. Also check out memory foam designs, which use a unique material that forms to you.

    Not Just for the Bedroom
    While bed rest pillows are great in the bedroom, that's not the only place you can use them. Curl up with a blanket or throw and stack a few pillows behind your back while you're watching television for the perfect reclining height. Consider all these options when choosing your perfect bed rest pillow at Macy's.