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Cast Iron Pot

No matter what needs simmering there is a cast iron pot waiting stove ready to handle the job. Each cast iron cookware piece heats quickly, and retains that heat well. Heat spreads to avoid burning portions of food. Covered pots ensure moisture doesn’t escape a meal, it mulls. It brews over stovetops heated by gas, electricity, or induction.

Start small with a cast iron soup pot. Boil up 3-quarts of stews and stocks—or even a heaping helping of vegetables. Turn to Michelle B by Fagor to get more than just a cast iron pot; choose a two-piece set that offers a chef pan alongside a larger 5-quart soup pot. Cook up more in a higher volume pot, but also heat twice as many items at one time—sautéing vegetables alongside boiling soup. When doubling up on cookware, opt for technologically advanced designs crafted to be lightweight, and resist damage.

Start to stew with an even larger cast iron pot. A 7.5-quart stew pot can accommodate thick, meaty stews. Beef, chicken or chili can fit as well as a rich and creamy concoction. Discover beautiful pieces from renowned chef Mario Batali in the Classic collection from Dansk.

When daily dishes get put aside for the holidays, pull out a sizable 15.5-quart cast iron pot. A goose pot can cook just that. Craft a stew or roast a stuffed bird, like turkey. In the beauty of Le Creuset, the pot can go from stovetop to serveware.

Choose a pot with cast iron crafting on the inside, but the beauty of an enamel finish externally. A layer of enamel brings an opportunity for divine color. Incorporate the same fresh color of summer squash with yellow. Take inspiration from fall with pumpkin orange. Winter calls for icy blue. Spring means cherries just beginning to blossom and shades of red to fit the fruit. Go deeper in hue, taking light blue to the richer tone of a blueberry, or bright red down to the dark tone of a sherry sauce. When stark tones prove preferential, stick with white that looks brighter than even rice. It all boils down to a trip to Macy’s.