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Every kitchen needs a good skillet selection on hand, and there are many kinds to choose from. Some people prefer to choose a collection of matching cookware, and others get a good variety to meet different needs within the kitchen. There are many types to meet specific needs and preferences in the home kitchen.

One type of skillet to consider is iron skillets. Iron is durable and long-lasting, and many find their way into the status of a family heirloom. Iron has the advantage of withstanding oven cooking as well as stovetop cooking, since the handles are made of the same rugged material as the basin. Iron can also be used for baking, such as cornbread, biscuits and more. Iron cookware is available in basic black, as well as enamel coated versions in a variety of colors. Consider iron cookware by Le Creuset and others.

Electric skillets are excellent for keeping the stovetop clean when guests are visiting or when there's simply no time to clean up after frying. Electric skillets are also a great choice for one-dish meals, allowing the cook to cook in and clean a single item rather than several pots and pans. These are also available in non-stick versions to make clean-up even easier. Electric models are offered by Oster and more.

Aluminum transfers heat very readily and is lightweight, making it ideal for use in cookware. Aluminum cookware is also very attractive. Another material that makes excellent cookware is stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable and beautiful. Look for a great variety of aluminum and stainless steel cookware by Circulon, Cuisinart and others.

It is good to have a skillet with a ribbed bottom for cooking fatty meats, such as sausage and hamburgers. Ribbing makes beautiful grill marks on the meat, in addition to allowing the fats to drain away from the meat, making it healthier. Look for ribbed bottoms in attractive, durable enamel cookware by Weight Watchers and more.

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