Lab Grown Diamonds

    Are you picking out an engagement ring? Or do you have your eye on a pair of earrings? Then it's possible you've already come across lab grown diamonds and have some questions. Even if this is the first time you've heard of them, you'll definitely want to know more about this modern gem.

    That's why we're cutting through the jargon and answering your FAQs about lab grown diamonds below. Let's get started!

    The Basics
    What are lab grown diamonds? They're exactly what they sound like: diamonds produced in a laboratory using machines rather than mined from the earth (like natural diamonds).

    They're Real 
    Are lab grown diamonds real? In a word, absolutely. According to the Gemological Institute of America (the world's leading source on gemstones), lab created diamonds have "essentially the same chemical, optical and physical properties, and crystal structure as a natural diamond."

    In fact, the differences between lab diamonds and natural diamonds are undetectable to the naked eye. In order for someone to determine whether the brilliantly sparkling diamond in your ring is lab made or a natural diamond, they'd need to send it out for specialized testing. So go ahead and wear your lab grown diamonds exactly the same way you would wear natural ones!

    Created By Science
    So, how are lab grown diamonds made? They can be created in two different ways.

    One process, HPTP (High Pressure, High Temperature), mimics the conditions that create natural diamonds. The other, CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), deposits carbon-enhanced gas onto a diamond seed, which then crystallizes into a diamond. How amazing is it that science can create something as elegant as a diamond tennis bracelet?

    Now that you know more about lab made diamonds, you can feel confident about shopping for your next diamond necklace.

    Discover the beauty of lab grown diamonds, available at Macy's.

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    Lab Grown Diamonds


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