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Headphones are a great way for an individual to listen to his favorite music without disturbing others who might be nearby. With a range of different styles, it is possible to find the exact design that offers that perfect combination of comfort, style and listening options. Some choices include in-ear designs, over-ear headphones and behind-the-ear designs.

Ear buds are a popular way for many people to listen to their favorite music. Designs from Marley Jammin' and The House of Marley offer an individual many options from which to choose. Small and slim, these ear buds deliver a powerful sound that gives music depth, while giving the wearer excellent sound quality. Highly portable, they can be taken on the go so a person's favorite music is never far away.

Headphones, such as those from Dr. Dre, that rest over the ears offer a richness of sound that is hard to replicate. With convenient controls, the user can easily manage the volume without needing to remove them from the ears. Designed to be used with devices such as iPads, iPhones and iPods, this entertainment accessory lets users keep up with the latest in their favorite music even while maintaining their busy lifestyles.

Another option for those music enthusiasts that like to be active while listening to their music are accessories that go behind their ears. Both sporty and fully functional, Dr. Dre makes this type of design that is ideal when paired with shorts and a T-shirt when taking an early morning jog.

Sometimes, these accessories are able to perform double duty. Selections from Juicy Couture and Sporto offer unique earmuffs that have built-in in music listening features. She will enjoy being able to keep her ears warm during the coldest of months, while also listening to her favorite music.

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