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Stock Pot

A perfect meal demands patience... and a stockpot. Create bold recipes. Blend ingredients together for one of a kind results. Pots utilize hot temperatures for long hours, slowly creating layers of flavor and texture. Transform simple stews into masterpieces. This is now an easy task with the many available stock options, such as: enamel coating, non-stick interiors and even tempered glass lids.

A stockpot embraces rich flavors. Contain those flavors properly with enamel. Consider items from Le Creuset. Rugged cast iron bases are sealed with a thick enamel, which traps warmth inside and maintains an even temperature. The coatings distribute heat equally among ingredients and cook them perfectly. This combines with brilliant colors—such as green, gold or teal—that make these pots pretty additions to any kitchen (even when not in use). Choose Le Creuset for convenience.

Scooping ingredients from a stew pot should result in heady scents and spiced meats. A lack of non-stick coating, however, only offers empty bowls. Choose options from Calphalon then. These stockpots prove ideal for any meal, with anodized constructions that keep food from clinging. Aluminum cores promote perfect heating, ensuring that pieces properly plump; and triple-layered non-stick technology allows for easy eating. Calphalon pots also boast bronze exteriors and modern handle designs, making them sleek accessories for the kitchen.

Creating a successful meal requires careful monitoring—which is why tempered glass lids become so essential. Discover stock and chili pots from Tools of the Trade. Stainless steel frames promote even cooking; metallic handles remain cool to the touch. The use of glass lids ensures a perfect dinner, though, and allow for easy observations. Let condensation drip into the stock (rather than constantly releasing it by removing the lid). Tools of the Trade strips away cooking guesswork.

A stockpot is invaluable within kitchens. Choose enamel coatings for proper heating. Utilize non-stick options. And even watch food bubble and boil with glass lids. Find these and other cookware items at Macy’s.