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Cleaning Supplies & Organization

*Reads one article on productivity*… “Time to clean and organize my house!” We’ve all been there—when you get that sudden urge to get it together and tidy up your home. Maybe you’re always a neat freak and love to clean and organize (can we be friends?). Either way, Macy’s can help you with the best cleaning supplies and home organization items. Shop amazing brands such as Home Basics, Household Essentials, OXO, Dyson, simplehuman and more!

Cleaning Supplies Checklist for Your Home: That feeling when you walk into your freshly cleaned home…ahhhhh it feels good. Immediately (and blissfully) sprawls onto the couch. Grab these items to help get that feeling every time you walk through the door.

1. Sponges, scrub brushes & sink brushes. Scrub away stains, grime and dirty dishes with these.
2. Wash basin. You can use one of these in your kitchen, washroom and laundry room. It’s great for soaking and easily drains into the sink without making a mess.
3. Mop set. Get your floors squeaky clean with a mop set. They usually include a bucket, mop and mop head.
4. Duster. Say bye-bye to pesky dust bunnies with a duster. Grab one that can extend to get those hard to reach areas.
5. Vacuum. Cordless vacuums, steam cleaners, robotic vacuums and more…these are what you need to clean up spills, messes, dirt and anything life throws your way (and on your floor).
6. Air purifiers. Take some deep breaths—air purifiers do the cleaning for you. They filter out toxins and chemicals from the air in your home.
7. Garbage can. Definitely need one of these to throw out all the waste you’ve just cleaned up. Don’t forget garbage bags, too!
8. Toilet brush. Let’s face it, no one likes to clean a toilet. When it’s unavoidable, grab a toilet brush to get the job done.
9. Iron, ironing board or steamer. After your clothes are freshly laundered, iron out the wrinkles to get them crisp. You’ll need an iron and ironing board. You could even use a steamer for this, too!
10. Lint brush. Have pets? We know they’re your baby’s and super-cute and all…but you don’t want to leave the house with their hair all over your clothes. Get a lint brush!

Shopping Tip: Don’t forget to buy cleaning products, too. These household cleaning essentials include dish soap, soap scum remover, disinfectant cleaner, paper towels, laundry detergent, fabric softener and more!

How to Get Your Home Organized? Whether you are one of those type A’s and love to organize (teach us your ways) or looking to take a little inspo from that perfect home you saw on Instagram, Macy’s has all of the best home organization ideas and organization tips for your home!

1. Storage bins & baskets. We tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, with not a lot of storage space…storage bins and baskets are a great way to put away your belongings in a small space that you don’t want on display.
2. Closet organizers. Have limited closet space? Neatly organize shirts, pants and all your wardrobe essentials with closet organizers.
3. Shoe organizers. Shoes tend to take up the most space. But don’t limit yourself, shoe organizers are a great way to nicely store your shoes (because more shoes, please)!
4. Under bed storage. This type of storage makes good use of all your space…just don’t forget about it once it’s under there.
5. Hamper. Your dirty clothes belong in a hamper (not in a little pile stacked in the corner of your room).
6. Laundry bag. If you’ve got a trek from your bedroom to the laundry room, a laundry bag is necessary. You can even store them in your linen closet.
7. Hangers & hooks. You don’t have to go as far as color coding your clothes, but hanger and hooks make it super easy to organize your closet.
8. Makeup organizers. Have a messy makeup drawer that’s looks more like a junk drawer? You’re not alone. Makeup drawer organizers are here to help.
9. Jewelry organizers. Dainty items, like jewelry, can easily go missing. Grab a jewelry organizer to keep track of these highly personal (not to mention pricey) pieces!
10. Shelves. Grab your toolset. Shelves are great inside your closet for added storage and they also make great units to display your home décor.
11. Sink caddy. To have and to hold (your dish soap, sponges and more)!
12. Dish rack & sink mat. Air it out. Let your dishes try in a dish rack. A sink mat helps catch the excess water, so it doesn’t drip all over your counter.
13. Soap dispenser. This little friend stores your soap and shares with you when you need it!
14. Food storage containers. These storage solutions allow you to store dry food (and leftovers after you’ve cooked up a storm). They also are perfect for kitchen cabinet organization, too.
15. Paper towel holders. To hold your paper towels…because spills happen, and you need paper towels readily available when they do.

Master the clean with cleaning supplies and organization, available at Macy’s!

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