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Flavored Coffee

There’s something very exciting going on in the world of coffee these days. That’s right, it’s a little thing called flavored coffee. Doesn’t coffee have a flavor all its own? Yes, it does. As any coffee enthusiast knows, a freshly brewed cup of coffee has an enticingly delicious flavor, all on its own, depending on the type of bean used. Yet some coffee drinkers love to have an extra added bit of flavor in their coffees to give it a truly gourmet coffee taste. These extra scrumptious flavored coffees are turning a delicious morning brew into something that’s truly out of this world.

Top brands like Frango, the candy maker, now offer incredible tastes in coffees with flavors like double chocolate, chocolate caramel, mint, or candy cane. Yes, it’s the incredible taste of gourmet candy, combined with utterly delicious coffee, for a perfect cup of joe. These coffees come straight from the coffee roasters in specially sealed bags with a one-way valve. Was anything ever so tasty?

The Keurig brand offers wonderfully flavored coffees from top coffee brands like Tully’s, Newman’s Own Organics, and Coffee People Donut Shop, in flavors like Kona Blend and Breakfast Blend. These wonderfully tasty coffees come bursting with flavor. They’re available in single-serving coffee pods, made specifically for use with the very convenient Keurig line of one-cup coffeemakers. For convenience and a guaranteed delicious brew every time, the Keurig coffee pods are wonderful.

These tasty coffees are so enticing, they make irresistible gifts. Luckily many of these coffees, like the Keurig coffee pods, come in special gift boxes that are perfect for that special coffee lover on the list. Pair these coffees with the gift of a new coffee maker, and you’ve got a treat they will absolutely adore.

Speaking of wonderful gift ideas, these delightfully tasty coffees are just incredible when enjoyed with a special treat. Sip a cup of Frango gourmet chocolate coffee with a bite of Frango mints, or a bit of sea salt caramels. The ideas are endless. These coffees are so delicious, they’re utterly divine with all kinds of tasty treats. So drink up, and enjoy.

When it’s time to enjoy some truly delicious flavored coffee, you’ll fine every kind of gourmet flavor, at Macy’s!