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Hoover Windtunnel Vacuum

Keep carpets spotless with a Hoover WindTunnel vacuum. This vacuum design uses WindTunnel technology to create powerful suction, whirling grit and dust out of even the deepest levels of carpeting and leaving the floor refreshed. Vacuuming often not only keeps the floors looking great but also keeps air fresher by eliminating dirt and other particles. Hoover offers many different vacuum designs, each suitable for a different purpose.

A bagless vacuum makes cleanup effortless. This vacuum design eliminates the paper bag many vacuums use to hold whatever the vacuum picks up during cleaning. Instead, bagless models feature a chamber where dust is collected. When it's time to empty the vacuum, simply detach the tray, pour the contents into the garbage can, and slide the tray back into its place. The vacuum is ready for another cleaning in no time.

Take the weight-lifting out of housework with a canister vacuum. This machine features the same Hoover WindTunnel vacuum technology as other models but offers it in a convenient two-piece form. The canister rests on small wheels and contains the bag and most other essential parts. The lightweight front section features the vacuum head and a long handle, making it super easy to navigate around furniture and into tight spaces.

Another convenient option is a lightweight vacuum. These vacuum models weigh as little as half of what regular vacuums do, making them easy to carry up and down stairs, lift to move in and out of storage, and of course less of a push to use. Even lightweight vacuums from Hoover can still offer all of the WindTunnel suction power of heavier models, and they are suitable for all surface types.

For households with individuals who suffer from allergies, a HEPA filter vacuum is a must-have. These Hoover vacuums use WindTunnel technology combined with a filter to blast grit to tiny pieces and then suck up nearly one hundred percent of particles. HEPA filters are small enough to catch allergens, dust mites and other particles that regular filters can't. In addition to those with allergies, a filter vacuum is an excellent choice for pet owners, as it will pick up dander, too.

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